[redland-dev] Postgres TripleStore usage?

Mahlon E. Smith mahlon at martini.nu
Fri May 23 17:44:12 BST 2008

I'm having some issue with using a postgres-backed triplestore on both
FreeBSD and OSX systems.  Hash/memory/sqlite all work without issue.

I don't think it's something as silly as a bad options string, but
both the perl and the ruby bindings seems to obscure the 'real' error
message.  (They bomb with generic failure when instantiating the model
with an undefined storage object, rather than bomb when the storage
object instantiation fails.)

Redland build output:

  Berkeley/Sleepycat DB   : Missing
  Triple stores available : file hashes(memory) sqlite(3.5) postgresql(8.3.0)
  Triple stores enabled   : memory file hashes sqlite postgresql
  RDF parsers             : raptor(system 1.4.16)
  RDF query               : rasqal(system 0.9.15)
  Content digests         : md5(openssl) sha1(openssl) ripemd160(openssl)

Here's the best error message I've been able to get, using the perl

    rdf_model.c:273: (librdf_new_model) assertion failed: object pointer
    of type librdf_storage is NULL.

Connection code (perl):

    use RDF::Redland;
    my $storage =
        RDF::Redland::Storage->new( 'postgresql', 'test',
    my $model   = RDF::Redland::Model->new( $storage, '' );

Localhost connections are trusted to postgres, no pw required.
According to tcpdump, no connection attempt is being made, so the
problem lies somewhere before chatting with the database.

What am I doing wrong here?  Advice/direction/RTFMs all equally


Mahlon E. Smith  
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