[redland-dev] Postgres TripleStore usage?

William Waites ww at styx.org
Fri May 23 20:01:28 BST 2008

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 09:44:12AM -0700, Mahlon E. Smith wrote:
> Connection code (perl):
> ---------------------------------------------------------
>     use RDF::Redland;
>     my $storage =
>         RDF::Redland::Storage->new( 'postgresql', 'test',
>             "database='mahlon',host='',new='yes',user='mahlon',write='yes'");
>     my $model   = RDF::Redland::Model->new( $storage, '' );
> Localhost connections are trusted to postgres, no pw required.

I had a similar problem and had to look at the postgres back-end source
code to figure it out. The driver requires that all of the options
for the database are specified even if they are the default or empty,
so if you add port and password I think it will work.

I use,



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