[redland-dev] raptor rdf/xml parsing and encoding

Sebastian Trüg strueg at mandriva.com
Thu May 29 16:54:04 BST 2008

The raptor API says that all strings (URIs and literals) are utf8. However, 
when parsing a file with encoding UTF-8 or encoding ISO8859-1 containing a 
literal with a german umlaut, I do not get utf8 in either case.

So before searching though the raptor code and trying to figure it out by 
myself two questions:

- Does raptor ALWAYS produce utf8 strings?

- Is the following code acceptable:

void raptorTriplesHandler( void* userData, const raptor_statement* triple )
   switch( triple->object_type ) {
       fromUtf8( (const char*)triple->object );

Thanks a lot,
Sebastian Trüg

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