[xml-h] link typing

Dave Pawson davep at dpawson.co.uk
Tue Jan 21 10:27:26 GMT 2003

At 20:56 20/01/2003 -0500, Bob DuCharme wrote:

>If your document is only going to have those two links, then you wouldn't 
>need typing. A document with hundreds of links, or a collection of 
>documents that act as a single body of information and have thousands of 
>links in them, need some way to let document designers deal with the 
>configuration of link appearance/behavior on that scale.
>My term "document designers" is deliberately vague--it could to anyone in 
>a team of one or more content authors, programmers, visual designers, UI 
>specialists...  We want this to work for legal reference works and the OED 
>in addition to personalized blogs.

OK. I hadn't seen that view.

Simon, is this the class of app you had in mind where maint view is getting
near the critical level?

regards DaveP

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