[doap-interest] Linking DOAP from FOAF

Morten Frederiksen mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk
Fri Jul 30 22:40:24 BST 2004

On Thursday 29 July 2004 00:27, Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> Is there any discussion on creating some kind of description of the
> content at a link, such that it could be determined whether it's rdf, or
> HTML, or whatever?
You can always type the link and provide more information:
  <foaf:PersonalProfileDocument rdf:about="...">

or so and so on...

BTW, one thing that DOAP might find useful to adopt early on is the use of 
self-description (information about the document containing the description) 
and e.g. foaf:primaryTopic. One of the most problematic issues with FOAF 
documents in the past has been "how to figure out what/who a file is about". 
This is now resolved, but only for "new" files that provide the necessary 
information about themselves...


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