[gnome-bluetooth] phonemgr - sending message leaves t610 unable to send anymore.

garrick at intology.com.au garrick at intology.com.au
Wed Aug 6 10:29:28 BST 2003

I have a Sony Ericsson T610, that I'm accessing via bluetooth (a usb
At the moment I'm playing with phonemgr. I've found that I can send a
message and can also have messages popup on the computer when a new sms
has been received by the phone.
My problem is that after the first message has been sent, the next time
I attempt to send a message I get a connection error. Only restarting
the phone (i.e. turning it off and then back on again) seems to allow me
to send another sms message. Things such as obex_push still appear to
work. So I'm assuming the serial port is the only channel that is left
in a less than usable state.
Has anybody encountered a problem such as this before?


Garrick Welsh
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