[gnome-bluetooth] Problem in sending data from PC to a mobile phone

Damir Anicic Damir.Anicic at psi.ch
Thu Dec 18 12:38:59 GMT 2003


Like some other people I have a problem of sending files with 
Like the others, the receiving by gnome-obex-server works fine.

I have standard instalation of Fedora Core 1

This is what get printed on a terminal:

# gnome-obex-send --dest 00:0A:28:A5:72:D1 test.jpg
Bonobo accessibility support initialized
GTK Accessibility Module initialized
Atk Accessibilty bridge initialized
** Message: Sending to 00:0A:28:A5:72:D1
** Message: Attempting to connect on channel 8
** Message: Connected OK
Connect failed 0x53!
name=test.jpg, size=12474
Link broken!
Error while doing OBEX_HandleInput()
** Message: exiting main loop

and the popup window appears with:

 Title: Error (gnome-obex-send)
 Msg: An error occured while sending data. Check the receiving device.

Just before that popup window occures, there is another, quite small window
appearing, and goes away in a fraction of second.
I have tried it several times, trying to see what is written in it:
     it seems to be "Sending file", and there is probably a progress bar 
under it

What's wrong?

Oh yes, my bluetooth device is Motorola V525 GSM phone.

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