[gnome-bluetooth] Trouble installing (libsdp not found)

Thomas Guignard thomas.guignard at epfl.ch
Fri Apr 23 09:15:02 BST 2004

Hi everyone

I'v been trying to install bluetooth on my linux box for days, using 
different ways and still not getting to it.

I first installed all bluez stuff using the rpms found on the bluez 
sourceforge page.

I tried to use MultiSync, the programm could see my phone, but not 
connect to it (another story).

Then I tried to install gnome-bluetooth, but I get this message that 
libsdp is missing (although there is a libspd.so.2 in /usr/lib). I 
googled and find this message by Alastair 'liquidx' Tse telling me that 
sdp has been deprecated since bluez-lib-2.6 and bluez-utils-2.6. I had 
installed older versions with the rpms, so I uninstalled the whole 
thing, downloaded the source, compiled and installed:
# bluez-libs-2.6
# bluez-utils-2.6
# bluez-pan-1.1
# bluez-hcidump-1.8
# bluez-hciemu-1.0

Right. Alastair also states, that I had to change in bluez-sdp.m4:



SDP_LIBS="$SDP_LIBS -lbluetooth -lsdp"

which I did. But I still get the same error.

I still have to install libbtctl-0.3 and gnome-bluetooth, but for both I 
have this missing libsdp problem.

Now, what should I do? I've put some info on my system below, but I 
don't know if it's enough. Please tell me if you need more info (and 
what command I must type to get them). I'm kinda new to linux, so please 
excuse me guys if I'm doing the wrong things.



[tguignar at lemapc77 bluetooth]$ locate sdp

[tguignar at lemapc77 tguignar]$ uname -a
Linux lemapc77 2.4.20-28.9.1 #1 Wed Jan 7 09:42:51 CET 2004 i686 i686 
i386 GNU/Linux

- Redhat 9
- Gnome 2.2.0
- Bluetooth USB Adaptor Mitsumi

Thomas Guignard
Laboratoire d'Electromagnétisme et d'Acoustique
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

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