[gnome-bluetooth] my t68i doesn't support file transfers?

Wijnand Wiersma wijnand at wiersma.be
Sat Jan 3 23:26:05 GMT 2004

Hi list,

today I bought a MSI usb bluetooth dongle and compiled my kernel to
support the device.

I also installed the gnome-bluetooth software and the phonemgr.

When I go to bluetooth:/// in nautilus I see my phone but when I drag a
file to it I get an error message:
"The device you are trying to send to doesn't support receiving
And yes, I did enable receiving on my phone.

When I try to do it manually with gnome-obex-send
I get the same error message.

When I go to the gnome-bluetooth-device viewer I don't see any service
information about my phone at all, but when I use sdptool browse I can
see all the services my phone can handle.

The phonemgr applet is working, but not when I use Bluetooth as
connectiontype. I had to create /dev/ttyUB0 manually and point the
applet to it. 

My last question is maybe offtopic, but maybe somebody at this list can
help me:
how can I automatically connect to the phone at startup? 
I hate to type  rfcomm bind 0 00:0A:D9:28:34:A6 every time I boot.
(yeah, rc.local is an option, but maybe there is a cleaner way).
I also have the problem that /dev/ttyUB0 doesn't get registered
automatically by devfs(d). 

I hope someone can help me with this issues.

And a connect and disconnect function for the applet would be nice, now
my phone always says bluetooth is in use.

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