[gnome-bluetooth] obex-data-server from command line

Per Thomas Jahr perja at extern.uio.no
Tue Sep 30 13:35:32 CEST 2008


How can I run the obex-data-server from the command line and get it to
register services properly? I have tried this:

$ /usr/bin/obex-data-server --no-daemon
** Message: obex-data-server 0.3.1
** Message: Using Session bus

Then it starts, but sdptool shows that there is no OBEX push registered:

$ sdptool browse local | grep -i obex
(no results)

However, if I start the server from the gnome-file-share-properties UI,
it will register correctly:

$ sdptool browse local | grep -i obex
Service Name: OBEX Object Push
  "OBEX Object Push" (0x1105)
  "OBEX" (0x0008)
  "OBEX Object Push" (0x1105)

What does the last approach do differently and how can I make it work
from the command line?

Per Thomas

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