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a.h.s. boy (lists) spudlists at nothingness.org
Mon Jan 2 15:29:58 GMT 2006

On Jan 1, 2006, at 3:54 PM, Del Dhanoa wrote:

> so if I wanted to created a ping server to accept pings from  
> blogger and wordpress, which script in the lib/ directory would I  
> be using?

You don't need XML-RPC for trackbacks or pingbacks...they're made  
using standard HTTP requests with POST data, not XML-RPC requests. If  
they were, in theory, you'd be using both the xmlrpcs.inc and  
xmlrpc.inc files, but you'd have to write a custom script that  
responds to the pings. The library itself just provides the  
functionality of XML-RPC calls. You'd still have to write your own  
scripts that specify _what_ calls it responds to, and how the  
responses are sent back.

I implemented a blogging module for my CMS, and set it up to respond  
to pings for trackbacks without using the XML-RPC libraries at all.  
So in my CMS, if someone else's blog posts to http://www.example.com/ 
blog/tb/1/index.php, (the trackback URL for blog entry #1), I take  
their request, store the information (contained in the $_POST array),  

echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"? 

...the format is so simple, it isn't worth doing in any more  
convoluted a manner.

To allow your own users to ping other blog URLs, however, might use a  
custom HTTP call -- stuff the data (title, excerpt, URL) in an array,  
and send a POST request to their trackback URL.

In other words, none of this needs XML-RPC at all. I followed http:// 
www.sixapart.com/pronet/docs/trackback_spec for the specs.


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