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G E T O U T a =E9crit :
> HI,
> i want to know is there any way to make double upto 2 decimal places, =

> cuz right now it is upto 4 decimal places. I have price format of =

> double value upto 2 decimal places. Any help will be appreciated.
Double in the spec is not 4 decimal. It is much more than that, but the =

limit is implementation dependant:
"What is the legal syntax (and range) for floating point values =

(doubles)? How is the exponent represented? How to deal with whitespace? =

Can infinity and "not a number" be represented? There is no =

representation for infinity or negative infinity or "not a number". At =

this time, only decimal point notation is allowed, a plus or a minus, =

followed by any number of numeric characters, followed by a period and =

any number of numeric characters. Whitespace is not allowed. The range =

of allowable values is implementation-dependent, is not specified"
To make use of 2 decimal places:
- round off the data to 2 decimal places before sending it
- round off the data to 2 decimal places after receiving it (or control =

that it only uses 2 decimal places)

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