[xml-h] backlinking code, sort of

Nik Barron Nik.Barron at pennantplc.co.uk
Thu Mar 6 08:16:55 GMT 2003

> I just figured out a neat trick. You know how a key complaint of Old 
> Hypertext Guys about the web is that the links should be 
> bidirectional? 

Well, as a young-ish old hypertext guy... :-)

That's a nice hack, but there are a couple of limitations:

1. It assumes that the system has access to the web and is known to Google.
Not much use in private hypertext systems (safety critical or security
sensitive docs for example).

2. It doesn't really give you a "real" bidirectional link, more of a
"shotgun" back link, which may not be what you want (depends on the scenario
of course).

Still, neat idea that I'm sure will come in useful for a lot of people!


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