[gnome-bluetooth] nothing comes up...

Ron ron at ronsmits.org
Mon Dec 13 00:05:50 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 01:46 -0500, Mark Doodeman wrote:
> I am not using gnome as my WM, but have all the libs installed.  I
> installed gnome-bluetooth-manager from apt-get.  When I start the
> program and scan for devices, my phone is found.  If I try to open the
> properties dialog, nothing happens.  If I try to double-click my
> phone, again, nothing happens.  Maybe there is another program I need
> to install? I installed nautilus, thinking it might be required, but
> still, the same problem.  Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks a bunch

you need to use the obex server, in the gnome env this is the
gnome-obex-server. It will allow you to receive files from another
bluetooth device. Sending files is done using the gnome-obex-send
command. This is fully integrated in gnome, rightclick a file and there
is a "send via bluetooth" option.

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