[gnome-bluetooth] Re: Bluetooth Configuration, new prototype

Fredrik Noring noring at nocrew.org
Tue Jan 27 00:56:51 GMT 2004


tis 2004-01-27 klockan 01.28 skrev Edd Dumbill:
> Hi Fredrik -- it occurs to me we ought to be having this discussion on
> the list.  Would you mind if we moved future posts in this thread to the
> mailing list?

No problem.

> I think the problem we should be addressing is not "how do we get a GUI
> for everything hcid.conf offers" but "what is the minimum number of
> options that the user really needs to configure and what are sensible
> defaults for the rest".

Good point and I absolutely agree. However, I'm not yet an expert myself
on all these settings and what they are used for. Therefore I think we
will have solve the usability issues as we progress with new versions.

That is, I think the best is to create an initial version of the utility
that in some way is useful (propably next to a usability disaster) and
has basic interaction with system configuration utilities and files such
as hcid.conf. Then we can improved it.

If you have comments that setting such and such ought to be described
and handled in a certain way, please tell me.

> It's sort-of like that.  The work I'm doing at the moment is the
> low-level C class for handling the protocol in applications.  I'll
> rework the gnome-obex-server from CVS to use that shortly.  There'll be
> a per-user pref with two options: Enable, and Download Directory.  

As an extra option for the "Download Directory", what about showing a
pop-up window asking the user to confirm a download? Making it possible
to send the file directly to an application such as Evolution or Gimp?

> What do you think to my comments?  It'd be good to have someone working
> with me on this.

I too, unfortunately, have limited time for this stuff. But hopefully I
will be able to make an initial version of a "Bluetooth Configuration"
utility and then we'll see.

Many thanks for your time and comments,

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